Production Line Efficiency Monitoring Software

Can be stand-alone or integrated to PRIMS, SQF-Sentinel or COGZ

“It’s not the most powerful animal that survives. It’s the most efficient.” 
                                                                                   - Georges St-Pierre
  • Easy To Use
  • User Customizable For Any Plant
  • Create Reports & Graphs Instantly
  • Increase Production Efficiency
  • Data Can be Linked to PRIMS


Enter in your production results, downtime, and scrap values and get efficiency and downtime reports and in seconds!


Get Reliable and Precise Reports
on Your Production Process!


  Stop wasting time with Excel. This Report Software can be easily configured for any plant with multiple production lines. After it is setup you can create reports and graphs each week in a minute or two!


Step 1: Set up the users and their permissions

Step 2: Set up the production lines and properties

Step 3: Set Up The Product Properties

Once you have the properties set-up, the Efficiency Reportrt is configured for your plant.


To run the report you will enter your weekly or daily production data


This Production Data consists of Counts, Downtime, Scrap and Labor.

This will be the only entry you will have to make each time you want to run your reports and graphs.

If you have PRIMS installed most of this data will be automatically populated.


This is the Daily Production Report.