Production Line Efficiency Monitoring Software

  • Measure your Key Performance Indicators - KPIs
  • Real-Time Data Collection & Reporting
  • Calculates Efficiency & Downtime
  • Interfaces with Equipment PLCs
  • Creates Reports & Graphs

Can be stand-alone or integrated to PRIMS, SQF-Sentinel or COGZ

“It’s not the most powerful animal that survives. It’s the most efficient.”
- Georges St-Pierre

  • Data Can be Linked to PRIMS
  • Customizable For Any Plant
  • Create Reports & Graphs Instantly
  • Increase Production Efficiency
  • Easy To Use


Enter in your production results, downtime, and scrap values and get efficiency and downtime reports and in seconds!


Get Reliable and Precise Reports
on Your Production Process!


Stop wasting time with Excel. This software can be configured for any plant with multiple production lines. After it’s setup you can create reports and graphs in minutes!


The Scope interfaces with equipment PLCs, PCs and Tablets.

It also interfaces with open source databases in other software.


It also displays data to large screen plant floor monitors.

Scope is a powerful data collection & reporting tool.

Scope can show the efficiencies and downtimes in real-time and can compare historical data reporting. It also provides configurable messaging and alarming.


This Production Data consists of Counts, Downtime, Scrap and Labor. If you have PRIMS installed most of this data will be automatically populated.


This is an example daily Production Report

Stop your Losses!
Have Focus Works Design a Scope System for your Plant.