Customer Testimonials

We focus on applying solutions which solve the customer’s problems with a short return-on-investment. We look to eliminate operator errors, inventory losses, and improve product quality.

“I’m very pleased with the Focus Works ERP System, especially its ease of use and flexibility. The integration with PRIMS & COGZ is seamless and this total solution gives us a great deal of control. Our planning and production has reached a very high level of efficiency.” - Jose Figueroa, Accounting/IT Specialist, Caribbean Food Delights, Inc.

“It was like I was operating in the dark and somebody turned the lights on”
- Julio Llovet, Director of Operations at Gold Crust Bakery.

"The SQF-Sentinel has eliminated the paperwork. CP & CCP data and tasks are recorded in real time, eliminating the errors so often found when done manually. Compliance is so much easier and audits are a snap" - Kathy Williams, QA & Food Safety Manager, Modern Italian

“COGZ and PRIMS were very easy to set up and use. They are truly Out-of-the-Box products. The installation was easy and went very well“
- Miguel Miranda, Dir of Operations, Holsum PR Bakery

“Focus Works has helped us exceed our goals. They're amazing!”
- Marc Hazel, Owner, Jacqueline's Cookies

“PRIMS provides unequaled production efficiency.”
- James Payne, Plant Manager, Modern Italian Bakery

“PRIMS allowed us to determine where we had recipe compliance issues, and to take the required corrective action immediately. Improved visibility as to what is happening on the plant floor is a real plus.”
- Jeff Patzer, VP of Operations and Engineering. Stauffer’s Biscuit Company

"PRIMS provides us:
  • A paperless system and secures our recipes
  • A step by step (checklist) procedure for our mixers/scalers on what needs to be done
  • Raw material tolerances for scaling that ensures we can’t under or over scale any single ingredient
  • It captures the exact amount of raw material scaled to improve accuracy in consumption
  • The Ice/water calculation automatically adjusts to ensure we are achieving proper dough temp
  • The biggest positive is that it eliminates scaling/mixing errors
-Derek Rambousek, Director of Manufacturing, Baker Boy

“The PRIMS system has virtually eliminated our waste and helped us significantly increase our output. Our operator errors have disappeared and we are extremely pleased with the increase in our product quality and the major impact it has made on the company’s operation.”
- Winston Strachan, Plant Engineer, Caribbean Food Delights

“We run two very complex bakeries with PRIMS and SQF-Sentinel.”
- Ed Mafoud, President, Damascus Bakeries

“PRIMS gave us great results - zero defects in our speaker cone production in Framinham, MA. Our Return on Investment was in the very first day.”
- Dr. Bose, Bose Corporation

“PRIMS solved pre-scaling errors, improved our quality and obtained a ROI in two weeks. Focus Works supports us 24/7 - I like that.”
- Paul Schwebel, President, Schwebel Baking