The PRIMS System was easy to use for Stroehmann's Pennsylvania Plant

PRIMS is recipe software for PLC-controlled ingredient batching systems. It allows the user to create formulations and production schedules for the mixers and send them to the ingredient system PLCs. The batching is automated; scaling deviations and ingredient usages are recorded.
"The startup went very well," said Alan. "The great part was not having any programming to do on the computer software side." The customer's operators and managers were extremely pleased with the system, its ease of use and functionality.

"The PRIMS system was one tenth the work and time to put in, and the customer got a much better system, a more robust system that was easier to use with a ton more features." Ferrin continued.

Focus Works Inc. reseller, Allan Ferrin, of Cornerstone Automation, completed his first install of PRIMS software at Stroehmann's Pennsylvania Plant.

Stroehmann's Production Supervisor Scheduling the Work Plans

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