Stauffer's Biscuit eliminates operator errors with Focus Works PRIMS System

Looking to solve problems with their batching system and eliminate operator errors, Stauffer's picked Focus Works because of a calculated 5 month return on investment on their Batch and Lot Tracking Solution. 

Stauffer’s is best recognized for animal crackers but also produces a variety of crackers and cookies in three bakeries around the United States. Stauffer’s roots are in York, Pennsylvania where the first animal crackers were produced in 1871. Each day Stauffer’s produces more than 250 tons of animal crackers, cookies, and snack crackers on fifteen oven lines using only the finest ingredients. Stauffer's delivers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all of their products so achieving perfect product quality is paramount to their success. 

Stauffer’s installed the PRIMS system in it’s York, PA, plant to control recipe compliance at 6 Pre-Scale Stations, 2 Icing Mixers, and 8 Mixer Stations.  At the mixers, PRIMS controls the bulk ingredient systems for flour, granulated sugar, HCFS and temperature-controlled water.

Thousands of dollars were saved for the Stauffer’s Biscuit PRIMS Installation by using wireless networking for the PLC network. The costs for the wireless access points and nodes were far below running traditional local area network cables. The added benefit was that the PRIMS pre-scale stations are now totally portable - they can be unplugged and wheeled away during regularly scheduled plant cleaning and maintenance.

This is an example of the old mixer controls. The liquid meters were mounted on the back wall and were too far away from the mixer to allow operators to use them effectively.

Below are pictures of the installed mixer operator stations, one of the pre-scale stations and one of the water temperature blenders. There are bar code scanners and printers at the pre-scale stations and bar code scanners at the at the mixers for ingredient lot tracking.