PRIMS has quick turn on investment
at Schwebel's

At Schwebel, the PRIMS system was initially installed to control the hand scaling operation where more than 200 ingredients were in use. After running the system for only 2 few weeks, the customer decided that the system had paid for itself with the elimination of operator errors and the improvement of product quality. 

Schwebel then expanded the system to perform lot tracking and ensure HACCP compliance. Shortly after, they asked Focus Works to expand PRIMS again, this time assuming control of the 6 dough mixers at the plant, each with 6 automated ingredients, and performing inventory control for the plant. Each stage of this implementation was accomplished during the plant's normal weekly shutdown period of 24 hours. 

Focus Works developed the "Production Scheduling Wizard" specifically to Schwebel's specifications for this bakery. The Production Wizard greatly reduced the number of man hours day spent each day by their production supervisors converting sales orders into production work plans. 

Schwebel's has subsequently implemented PRIMS in an additional plant.