Production Scheduling

Turn Sales Orders into Optimized Production Schedules

  • Reduce Administration Labor By 90%
  • Forecast Sales Based On History
  • Improve Production Output
  • Eliminate Production Waste

Import your sales orders from PRIMS or other software and:

  • Create More Efficient Schedules
  • Create Schedules in Minutes NOT Hours!
  • Improve Production Output
  • Configures Change-Overs and Breaks
  • Calculates Material Requirements

What is Production Scheduling Wizard?

Production Scheduling Wizard is software to help you efficiently turn sales orders into production schedules for the baking and food production industries. This is so easy to use it will literally save hours of work calculating production work schedules every day!

The software is either standalone or can be easily integrated with the PRIMS system. When in standalone mode the software will produce production work sheets, recap sheets, and oven capacity reports which can be printed out and handed to your production personnel. When integrated with PRIMS your finished production schedule can be sent directly to PRIMS and will automatically be assigned to the different work plans required to make the product.


Installation and setup of your system consists of defining your production lines and product varieties. For production lines you will need to know your equipment parameters (such as oven and mixer capacities) as well as timing information for shift starts and breaks. For product varieties you will need to know product size and weight, pan size, production time, and yieds.

Sales Orders Entry

Sales orders are easily entered using lookup fields to quickly select which variety and then enter the quantity desired. After establishing several sales orders the user can set up reusable templates which can be recalled and modified, thus saving even more time. The user can then fine tune the order by adjusting the number of batches and batch sizes to run to best fit their production requirements.

Schedules can also be calculated from prior sales history, forecasting what to make.

Once customers sales orders are entered in, a weekly schedule can be calculated using sales orders. Inventory levels can be set, and product to satisfy inventory will also be included in the schedule. Based on templates or rules batches are automatically set for each day of the week, including different shifts.

Sales Order Setup Form

You can enter quantity to order and have the system calculate quantity to make utilizing loss percentages, or you can directly enter the Hundred Weights.

Work Plan Selection
of Order Entry

Once entered, the 4 top optimal batches to make based on the Hundred Weights will be shown.

Schedule Creation

After sales orders have been entered a production schedule is produced. This production schedule will include the start times for each part of the production process as well as lunch and relief breaks. The schedule can easily be modified before or after the schedule has been sent to PRIMS. Batches can be added, changed, removed, or moved - on the fly.

Updated schedule screen.
Red shows allergen change over.