From Receiving through Shipping PRIMS can control
your complete plant floor.

PRIMS - Production Recipe Ingredient Management Software

  • Insures Recipe Compliance
  • Records Actual Production Results
  • Provides Real-Time Inventory Control
  • Eliminates Scaling & Mixing Errors
  • Provides HACCP and Food Safety Compliance
  • Meets ISA S88 Guidelines
  • Provides Exceptional Lot Tracking
PRIMS Features PRIMS Office Enterprise PRIMS Hand Scaling Lite PRIMS Hand Scaling Full PRIMS Hand Scaling Enterprise PRIMS Batching PRIMS Batching Enterprise
Lot Tracking
Receiving/Inventory Software Module
with Bar Code Label Printing 3
Production Schedule Module w/Material Requirements & Work Plan Templates
Networking - Unlimited Users
User Security
Ingredient Substitution
Pallet Restack Scheduling
Reporting - Excel Export Utility
Standard Finished Goods & Shipping
Central Multi-Plant Purchasing
PC Tablet Application
Connectivity to Hand Scaling
Production Efficiency Monitoring
and Reporting
Per Ingredient Tolerances
Process Monitoring and Control
Perform Automated Batching, Mixer Control
Production Scheduling Wizard
☆☆ Plant Floor PC Station Option
☆☆ Nutritional Labeling Software
☆☆ User Dash Boards
☆☆ Large Screen Production Monitor Software
☆☆ Advanced Finished Goods
Handling & Shipping Module
☆ Can be purchased and used separately
☆☆ PRIMS Add-on Module

OFFICE Version

The PRIMS Office version was created for plants that do not require tie in to scaling or batching but want the features of a PRIMS production recipe ingredient management system. You can get started with PRIMS-Office and later upgrade to scaling and batching should your needs change.

  • Lot Traceability
  • Inventory Control
  • Inventory HACCP Compliance
  • Production Management & Scheduling
  • Upgrade to any PRIMS version at any time

PRIMS Office Enterprise

This system is user-friendly, requiring little training to operate, for customers that need lot tracking, inventory control and production scheduling. Although this version has only basic PRIMS features it allows you to achieve production and inventory control along with lot traceability compliance and only a step away from scaling and batching systems.

  • Lot tracking
  • Receiving & inventory control
  • Production management & scheduling
  • Material requirement calculation
  • Recipe Management
  • Finished goods shipping
  • Integrator utility
  • Report – Excel export utility
  • User security
  • Costing
  • Purchasing
  • Shipping & Billing

Additional Modules
can also be purchased for PRIMS Office Enterprise.

  • Production Scheduling Wizard
  • Nutritional Labeling Software
  • AdvancedFinished Goods Handling & Shipping Module
  • SQF Database Option

Integration - PRIMS Office can be integrated into most accounting packages. We also offer affordable turn-key solutions for the Office Versions.

Sage 50 - Premium Accounting and QuickBooks ERP are available for integration into PRIMS Office Basic and Enterprise. This accounting software is very affordable and user friendly. It provides powerful accounting, inventory and reporting functionality along with tools that help you expertly manage your strategic growth plans.

  • Control Budgets and Departments
  • Focus on Key Business Metrics with At-A-Glance Dashboards
  • Design and Share Insightful Reports With Custom Reporting Tools

Hand Scaling Operations Versions

  • Eliminate Operator Errors
  • Reduce Ingredient Losses
  • Increase Batch Consistency
  • Perfect Piece Weight Checking
  • Upgrade to Full Featured PRIMS at Any Time

Uncontrolled manual scaling wastes ingredients and production time, and is a major barrier to compliance with Title III of the Bioterrorism Act, HACCP, BRC and SQF. PRIMS Scaling System eliminates these problems.

PRIMS Dessert

A specialized version of PRIMS Hand Scaling Operations that has been optimized to meet the complexities our customers face when manufacturing desserts.
Learn more about PRIMS Dessert here.

Management Control

This System is user-friendly, requiring little training to operate. This flexible technology gives management far more control over manual operations. Controlling all manual ingredient additions and operator instructions, and the computerized record of each step in the mixing process, provides management with the tools to pinpoint any inconsistencies within a batch. PRIMS generates reports for Ingredients, Formulas, Production, Scaling, Ingredient Usage, and Lot Numbers. Managers can import used inventory and finished production data into the company’s accounting software for accurate inventory control.

Automated Batching and Mixing Versions

  • Eliminate Recalls due to Product Errors
  • Increase Production Yield
  • Optimize Scheduling
  • Reduce Batch Cycle Times
  • Eliminate Operator Errors
  • Reduce Ingredient Losses by 95%
  • Get a Perfect Batch Every Time


With the PRIMS-Batching System from Focus Works, you will begin seeing a return on investment in less than 6 months, by eliminating operator errors which cause product waste and inconsistent quality.

How Our Customer Reduced His Waste by 98% in 30 Days
Julio's Story:

“According to our previous mixer reports done by hand, every batch was to spec every day, yet material waste, quality and inefficiency was a problem,” says Llovet. “We ended up ‘chasing our tail’ trying to figure out what the problems were.”

“As soon as we installed PRIMS we realized that 90% of the information logged in our mixer reports was inaccurate. When we realized where the operator and equipment errors were, it took less than a week to put in the corrective actions. Within a week, we reduced our out of spec doughs from about 15% to 0% and reduced our overall waste from about 9.0% to 1%. It took about 3 months to achieve ROI. It was like I was managing in the dark and somebody turned on the lights because of all the control we now have.” “Previously, some of our operators would forget to hand-add an ingredient,” says Llovet. “We were probably losing about 14 doughs a week with no yeast. Now because each ingredient and all raw materials are recorded, we have no ‘mystery doughs’ and we don’t have missing ingredients to be tracked. Since the operator has no choice but to go step by step, the recipe does not let them proceed until they get it right and every ingredient and step is recorded automatically, it takes human error out of it.” “Now my mix operators refuse to mix with anything else,” says Llovet. “The software walks them through all the steps, one by one. They don’t have to slow production to write entries in a dough sheet. Even though it’s policing them, they love it because it makes their job easier.

“With full lot traceability, we’re doing business with major players who see the capability as a best practice,” says Llovet. “With it, I could do a mock recall in minutes with no need to track down paperwork or dig through archives to find the right mixing sheets and production schedule. All our production records are now kept electronically.”

Lot Traceability

The Batch and Lot Tracking Module in PRIMS records the batch and ingredient lot numbers. It can also track the process variables, piece weights and other data you wish to record that may affect the batch. Tracking a particular ingredient or batch lot is a simple process quickly accomplished with a few clicks.


Ingredient Lot Tracking – It’s Easy and quick to highlight the ingredient to track and click the “Print Lot Trace” button. Your lot tracking report is immediately made.

Ingredient Lot Tracking Report – lists all the batch numbers that contained this ingredient and lot number and also the remaining amount in inventory and its location.

FAST! Mock Recall

Batch Lot Tracking Report - shows the lot number(s) for each ingredient in a produced batch. PRIMS can record up to 3 lot numbers for each ingredient in a batch.

1. Click the "Recall" button

2. Fill in the fields

  • Product Code
  • Ingredient Code
  • Sale date - or
  • Production Date

3. Then Click Recall

You get your report - Instantaneously!

This report not only shows all the ingredients and their lot numbers, but can also include a list of where the batches were shipped if you use the PRIMS shipping function.

Inventory Bar Code Label Printing

You automatically print inventory labels each time a lot is received or print labels for existing lots. These Inventory Labels include: ingredient name, internal lot number, supplier’s lot number, amount, date, who received, and an allergen notice.

Inventory Management

Pallet Restacking

One of the HACCP requirements is to restack pallets of inventory to check for infestations or container malfunctions or breaches. PRIMS keeps track of this important function for you.

Ingredient Substitutions

There may be times when a Bulk Ingredient system is down or an ingredient is consumed and you wish to switch to another similar ingredient temporarily. Rather than changing all of your recipes we've added a feature called Ingredient Substitutions. This allows the operator to keep working and give you complete control over your recipes.

Per-Ingredient Tolerances

It is important to be able to set individual scaling tolerances of different ingredients. PRIMS makes this very easy.


This feature includes Downtime Logging & Batches Per Hour Analysis.

You can record downtime events into PRIMS and have an accurate reporting tool to see at a glance the efficiency of your daily production. Identify problematic equipment and personnel slow-downs with ease. Don't burden your supervisors with the arduous task of recording batch times manually; PRIMS will do this for you and present it in a meaningful and concise manner.

Receiving - Inventory Module with Reconciliation and Bar Code Label Printing

The Raw Materials Receiving - Inventory feature will keep track of your ingredient inventory. The PRIMS receiving terminal at the receiving dock will log the incoming ingredients. The receiving procedure follows all HACCP rules. When ingredients are used in each Batch in the Work Plan the actual scaled amount is deducted from the ingredient inventory. Your inventory accounting will be more accurate because the deductions are not based on projected usages but actual consumed amounts.

When used with the Material Requirements feature, you will be alerted if you do not have enough ingredient inventories to complete your scheduled production.

You can perform inventory reconciliation with this wireless mobile Warehouse Inventory Bar Code Scanner or a PC Tablet, which saves the user hundreds of hours performing inventory counts and reconciliations. It communicates directly with the PRIMS system in real time.

Work Plan Templates and Material Requirements

You can create a schedule for multiple work plans for a day, week or month. After creating a Work Plan or several Work Plans, the Materials Requirement feature will calculate the inventory required to complete the plan or plans. A Materials Requirement Report can be printed, or if used in conjunction with the Receiving – Inventory feature, you will be alerted if you do not have sufficient inventory to complete your scheduled production. If you also employ the purchasing module in PRIMS the material requirements report will also take into account expected material deliveries within the schedules time frame.

Mixing & Scaling

PRIMS Operator Stations

The Operator Stations, which can be used for bench scaling or large batching operations, come in several screen sizes and have the ability for expansion of functionality. They feature industry standard parts (no custom circuit boards) for easy and low maintenance. They are UL Approved, built like battle tested tanks and designed for harsh environments.

These Watertight NEMA 4X Operator Stations also have the ability to connect a Bar Code Scanner, for those customers who wish to use bar code labels for Lot Tracking and Data Collection.

Automated Scaling

The scaling stations have bar code scanners for reading the inventory labels, (which are created by the PRIMS system at the plant receiving computer) and can accommodate scanners for scanning the ingredient lot code labels and label printers for labeling the finished pre-scales. In order to provide the most robust solution possible, each scaling station and mixer station will have the ability to operate in a manual, stand-alone fashion, independent of the plant network or the PRIMS computer.

Automated Batching

The mixing stations can control automated ingredients such as the flour, water, HFCS, oil, brew, and yeast draws. They can operate the mixer speeds and mix times and operation of a refrigeration solenoid. They also have an option for a product temperature probe and have an option for calculating ice additions.

Shipping & Purchasing

Finished Goods Inventory - Shipping

With PRIMS shipping you will be able to generate ship tickets that move products from an internal inventory to a shipping ledger that will keep track of which lots were shipped to which customer.


With Purchasing you will be able to generate purchase orders for ingredient inventory that can be e-mailed to your vendors.

PRIMS Central Purchasing

This special module allows the corporate office to purchase for multiple plants. Each plant performs the receiving locally and the data is synced with the corporate office.


This feature provides budget/costing functions and reports. It also allows for the addition of overhead and labor costs.

Networking & Security


This feature extends the power of PRIMS to users throughout your network. It allows unlimited concurrent users. The only limit is on the number of users purchased with your Windows Server software.


This feature allows:

  • Login/Logout of Users
  • Auto Logout of Inactive Users
  • Assignment of Users and Passwords
  • Assignment of User Permission Levels

Additional Modules

User Dashboards

PRIMS has Configurable Dashboards to monitor data that may be important to each user.
This feature is a PRIMS Add-On Module.

Mobile App - Module

Check on PRIMS production data remotely in real-time with your smart phone. It allows users to see production data in real-time from anywhere.

Nutritional Analysis and Labeling Module – Option

  • Works stand alone or with PRIMS
  • Creates US & Canadian Nutritional Facts Labels
  • Downloads and uses USDA Ingredient Database
  • Calculates content of your recipes and formulas


PRIMS has an expansive number of reports; each allows the user to filter the data so the desired output is achieved. These reports can also be exported to Excel. Below is a sample list of reports.

Production Schedule Printout

• Printout of Work Plan Schedules


• Production Var /Summary/Value
• Ingredients Variance Report
• Inventory Adjustments
• Daily Mixing report
• Daily Bake
• Daily Line Report
• Summary Line Report
• Scheduling Report

Formula Reports

• Formulas w/ Costing
• Formula Code Sheet
• Formula Cost Breakdown
• Product Cost Breakdown
• Product Cost Summary


• Production Report
• Manually Added Batch Report
• Batch Scaling Report
• Batch Scaling With Lots
• Batch Scaling Report Summary
• Ingredient Scaling Report
• Detailed Batch Report
• Ingredient Usage by Lot
• Ingredient Usage by Formula
• Batches Per Hour Analysis
• Employee History
• Process Variable Report by Variable
• Process Variable Report by Batch ID
• PCI Process Variable Report

Production Report

• Manually Added Batch Report
• Batch Scaling Report
• Batch Scaling Report With Lots
• Batch Scaling Report Summary
• Ingredient Scaling Report
• Detailed Batch Report
• Ingredient Usage Graph
• Ingredient Scaling Graph
• Ingredient Usage Report
• Ingredient Usage By Lot
• Ingredient Usage by Formula
• Batches Per Hour Analysis
• Employee History
• Process Variable Report by Variable
• Process Variable Report By Batch ID
• PCI Process Variable Report

Inventory Reports

• Inventory
• Inventory/Warehouse/Location
• Pre Scale Left Over (Fro Work Plans)
• Inventory Re-Stack
• Inventory Totals w/ Costing

Finished Goods Reports

• Finished Goods Inventory
• Finished Goods Inventory Totals
• Finished Goods Inventory By Location
• Finished Goods Costing
• Finished Goods Movement
• Finished Goods Expired
• Finished Goods Item List
• Finished Goods Pallets
• Finished Goods Pallets Put Away
• Finished Goods Shipped
• Finished Goods Lot Tracking
• Pallet Productivity report
• Unassigned Batches

Lot Tracking Reports

• Bulk Lot Tracking Report
• Batch Number Report
• Lot Numbers By Ingredient By Day
• Lot Usage Report
• Ingredient Lot Number Report
• Batch Lot Number Report
• Finished Goods Lot Tracking


• PO Detail Report
• Open PO Report
• Expected Receiving
• Items Required
• Purchasing Trend By Month
• Comparison By Vendor
• Comparison By Item
• Cost Trend Analysis
• Price Comparison
• Quote Request Form
• Supplier List
• Ingredient List
• Raw Material Requirements