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Dessert Manufacturing
Software Provides Unique Tools

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PRIMS (Production Recipe Ingredient Management System) is a software-based automation solution that allows food processors to obtain superior product quality and radically reduce the cost of wasted raw materials. Focus Works has developed a PRIMS version for complex dessert and cake manufacturers. It has advanced functionality and tools not available in other scaling, batching and manufacturing software for bakeries.

These Functions Include:

  • The ability to handle multi-level sub-recipes (sub-components) each having different production time frame.

  • Production scheduling that has unlimited number of days or months with a 21 day viewing window.

  • Calculation of the raw material requirements based on work orders and open ingredient purchase orders for the schedule on a day to day basis.

  • Instant visibility at a glance of any raw material shortages on the schedule.

  • Change orders get handled automatically on the fly and adjustment of WIPs and raw materials are done automatically.

  • Full account receivable with sales reporting. It allows for unlimited price lists, custom pricing by customer, discounts and promotional pricing, brokers and multiple customer’s companies.

  • A huge variety of reports including; customer and product ranking, product cost and margins by product or customer.

PRIMS can also handle your ingredient and batch lot tracking. Combined with the fact that this system can also operate the scaling, batching production equipment and quality control on the plant floor.

PRIMS offers the “Elements of Value” that bakeries are looking for.