Nutritional Analysis and Labeling Software

  • Works stand alone or with PRIMS
  • Creates US & Canadian Nutritional Facts Labels
  • Downloads and uses USDA Ingredient Database
  • Calculates content of your recipes and formulas

NutrAL is a tool for analyzing recipes or formulas for food cost and nutritional content. It is used to make the required Nutrition Facts and Ingredient Label Panels per both US and Canadian rules and specially to meet retail market's food labeling expectations. Required Nutrition Facts and Ingredient label panels are generated automatically from your recipes in both US and Canadian formats.

To use NutrAL to make your own Nutrition Facts and Ingredient Label Panels per regulations, all you have to do is enter your recipes. You can print the resulting panels to sticker paper or export them as graphics files to your label making software. NutrAL automatically produces the labels in full compliance with the rules. No certification, approval, testing or lab analysis are required! NutrAL complies with both US NLEA and Canadian Food and Drugs Act specifications.

If you offer food products for retail sale, supermarkets and other retail outlets, your product packages are required to include Nutrition Facts panels regardless of whether government regulations apply to your company. It has become customary and the sign of a professionally prepared product to include Nutrition Facts panels on food labels.

One of NutrAL's most important functions is producing the nutrition and ingredient labels you need for compliance with US and Canadian food product packaging requirements. The required labels usually have two parts: the Nutritional Facts panel and the Ingredients panel, created automatically from the recipes you enter into NutrAL.

The labels can be either printed on labels for immediate use on your food products or exported as graphic files so they can be inserted into overall packaging and label graphic files. You can give these files to your professional printer or graphics designer. Nutrition Facts and Ingredient panels are usually printed together, but the Nutrition Facts panel can also be printed alone.

Nutrition Facts: This is required on most products that are offered as packaged items for sale to consumers in grocery stores. The requirement applies to all bakeries and food producers unless exemptions are sought. Even with exemptions, grocery stores customarily require Nutrition Facts and Ingredients panels regardless.