Nutritional Analysis and Labeling Software

  • Creates US & Canadian Nutritional Facts Labels
  • Downloads and uses USDA Ingredient Database
  • Calculates content of your recipes and formulas

NutrAL is a software that assists the user in easy formulation of Nutritional Facts and Ingredient Label Panels. These labels are required by both US and Canadian rules by law. Required Nutrition Facts and Ingredient label panels are created automatically from your recipes in both US and Canadian formats.

Nutrition Facts and Ingredient Label Panels are simple to create with NutrAL’s intuitive interface. All the user has to do is enter their recipes and print the resulting panels or export them to an image file to their label making software. NutrAL automatically produces the labels in full compliance with the rules. No certification, approval, testing or lab analysis are required! NutrAL complies with both US NLEA and Canadian Food and Drugs Act specifications.

NutrAL offers the following options for labeling:

US Formats: NutrAL outputs four panel types:
  • Standard Format is for any package with more the 40 square inches of surface that can bear labels.
  • Linear Format is for smaller packages.
  • Side-by-side is similar to Standard, but is wide instead of long.
  • Tabular is for the smallest packages.
Canadian Formats: NutrAL is fully compliant with Canadian regulations.
  • Has approved Canadian label styles.
  • Labels are in English, French or both. (An English and French sample is shown below. There is a similar label in a horizontal format also.)

Nutritional Analysis

  • NutrAL includes an extensive ingredient database with nutrition information for over 7,000 common ingredients based on USDA data.
  • Add any amount of additional ingredients to the database.
  • Calculate nutrition content for any size batch or any serving size.
  • Print Nutrition Facts labels that comply with the requirements of the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (NLEA). Users with laser printers can generate production quality labels.
  • Include ingredient listing with Nutrition Facts label.
  • Completely and accurately account for nutrition changes during processing, including moisture loss and fat loss/gain.
  • Determine which ingredients contribute calories, fat, etc. to any recipe.