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9/26/2016 - SQF-Sentinel Chosen as BEST in Baking 2016

Focus Works will demonstrate its award-winning software at the upcoming 2016 International Baking Industry Expo (IBIE). Held October 8–11, 2016, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. IBIE is the largest and most comprehensive event for the baking industry with over 1000 exhibitors and over 20,000 attendees.

Of our products on display will be SQF-Sentinel “paperless” food safety software. It has received the “2015 ASB Innovation Award” and at IBIE, the software will receive recognition as being a “2016 Becoming Environmentally Sustainable Together” (B.E.S.T.) product. The B.E.S.T. in Baking Awards recognize companies that supply products and/or services to the baking industry that help to decrease landfill waste, foster energy, conserve water, and reduce environmental impacts.

SQF-Sentinel has not only reduced food safety labor and provided real-time verification but reduces the paper and toner for medium to large food plants $3,000 - $5,000 per year.

8/15/2016 - Focus Works announces a new software- Nutritional Analysis and Labeling Software called NutrAL. It is a tool for analyzing recipes or formulas for food cost and nutritional content. It is used to make the required Nutrition Facts and Ingredient Label Panels per both US and Canadian rules and especially to meet retail market's food labeling expectations. Required Nutrition Facts and Ingredient label panels are generated automatically from your recipes in both US and Canadian formats.

  • Works stand alone or with PRIMS
  • Creates US & Canadian Nutritional Facts Labels
  • Downloads and uses USDA Ingredient Database
  • Calculates content of your recipes and formulas

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8/2/2016 - Focus Works develops a PLC communication driver to replace Rockwell’s RS Linx. Thus eliminating the cost and communication errors known to RSLinx.

3/8/2016 - Focus Works doubles its staff to handle increase in orders and larger customer base.

11/15/2015 - Kellogg’s selects Focus Works’ PRIMS software as their standard production control software with the order for the second plant to get PRIMS in Grand Rapids. They expect to roll out PRIMS in the rest of the 30 Kellogg’s plants.

8/5/2015 - Focus develops its Efficiency Reporter software into a real-time OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) software called “The Scope.” It measures throughput, equipment uptime and downtime, and production efficiency and gives the plant real-time information.

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This paperless Food Safety Management System, SQF-Sentinel, eliminates pencil whipping, ensures the real-time collection of reliable food safety data, and reduces the manpower required for record keeping. This dynamic new software saves huge amounts of labor and insures accountability. Sentinel does the job without paper and is the solution for reliably collecting control point data for all food safety management programs [BRC, SQF & ISO]. It provides a real-time visualization and verification of safety tasks and operations. It alerts management of uncompleted QA & QC tasks and monitored process points such as freezer and cooler temps that are out of tolerance - via email and texts.

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