Holsum de Puerto Rico Decreases Inventory losses by 95% by using PRIMS

System Summary: PRIMS with lot tracking, batching and inventory control.

The PRIMS system sold here was the Enterprise model. It was ordered to bring the plant into Title III Lot Tracking and HACCP Compliance. Their goal was also to implement a user friendly inventory control system. PRIMS controls all the hand scaling (400+ ingredients), and the lot tracking at 8 production lines and complete plant inventory control. There are over 300 recipes and over 600 ingredients in the system. This plant produces bread, buns rolls, snack cakes, donuts, cookies, and pies for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. The plant IT personnel integrated PRIMS with their accounting system on their AS400 using our ODBC Module. The system operates 24/6. Their first FDA traceability Audit was completed in 15 minutes verse 4-5 hours

Results: Decreased inventory losses by 95%, reducted batch cycle times by 10%, and assured 100% compliance to FDA Bioterrorism Act.

"The PRIMS System installed very quickly and it was very easy to learn and use. It was truly a right 'out-of-the-box' product."

                         - Miguel Miranda, Holsum - Director of Operations