Frequently Asked Questions about PRIMS

What do you do if you have identified numerous ingredient lot numbers for one ingredient going into a batch?

The FDA ruling states that ingredient lot number tracking must be done where it is reasonably achievable. Where multiple lots of an ingredient are being stored in a common silo (in the case of flour) or tank (in the case of corn syrup) it would not be possible since each added lot is dispersed and commingled with the ones stored. However, in the case where multiple lot numbers are being added to a batch, it is reasonable to record. PRIMS has the ability to record up to 3 lot numbers for each ingredient in each batch, which should be more than sufficient.


What is considered a batch?

A Batch is an amount of ingredients put into a mixer and processed. A shift or product run can also be considered a batch.


What about the issues of scrap and rework used in a batch?

In many types of food production scrap (such as the trimmings from dough sheeting or cutting equipment) and rework (damaged or malformed product) are reintroduced into the production line. In the case of introducing it into the mixer it can be identified as to which batch it came from but when it is introduced into the process line after batching, it becomes more complex. PRIMS, however, simplifies the handling of both issues.


Will PRIMS software integrate with the plant’s existing ERP or accounting software?

Yes, the PRIMS software offers a special “Integrator” utility that allows data to be shared with other systems. The Integrator utility can utilize an SQL database or can communicate directly with your Sage, SysPro, SAP, Microsoft NAV, AccPac, Justfoods, or other ERP or Accounting software.


Is PRIMS easy to use?

PRIMS was designed to be easy to work with. The supervisor can learn how to put in recipes and create a work plan in 20 minutes. The operator terminals are also designed to be easy to use and intuitive with self-instructing screens.


Are the operator terminals wash-down?

Yes, they are made to take the abuse of the food plant floor. They are rated NEMA 4X wash down duty, non-corrosive, and UL labeled.


Can the plant staff or our systems integrator install the PRIMS system?

Yes, the plant’s internal engineering department can or they can assign the job to their local controls integrator. Focus Works staff would then visit the plant for system start up and training.


Can we phase in the level of automation PRIMS has to offer?

Yes, you can install a PRIMS system in steps that fit within your budget and that fit into your manufacturing time table.


What ‘After-Service’ does Focus Works supply?

For PRIMS Focus Works offers 8/5 or 24/7 Service & Support with your license. Each PRIMS system is designed with remote internet support capability, which enables our engineers to help you with your system from wherever they may be located.


What is the database that PRIMS uses?

We offer 2 database structures: an encrypted proprietary data base or a SQL database.


Is PRIMS ISA S88 compliant?