Damascus Bakeries manages 200 recipes by using The PRIMS System

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At Damascus, the PRIMS system controls all hand scaling operations (100+ ingredients), and the bulk automated batching system for 2 mixers - one a totally automated Sancassiano mixing system, and the other a standard horizontal mixer. There are over 200 recipes and over 300 ingredients in the system. This plant produces flat bread and pita bread. 

The system operates 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. The system uses wired and wireless bar-code scanners and performs inventory control for the entire plant. One of the objectives of the installation was to replace the existing HB batching system because of its unreliability. 

Recently management looked at a 3½-week report on scaling and found that on the San Cassiano line the largest total scaling deviation for any ingredients was + or – 1 lb, not for each batch but for the entire total usage of any ingredient for the entire 3 ½ weeks! The PRIMS system had almost completely eliminated over- and under-scaling.