Cogz - Maintenance Management Software

  • Automates PM schedules
  • Performs inventory and purchasing
  • Generates work orders with parts list
  • Automatically generates parts list for work orders
  • Develops a history of your equipment’s technical issues
  • Offers comprehensive search
  • Sort and versatile reporting

Increased Productivity

COGZ is user-friendly Preventative Maintenance software designed specifically for the food and baking manufacturing industry. COGZ is the most comprehensive plant maintenance management program you’ll find. It has become a standard operating tool to reduce downtime, improve productivity, control operational costs, minimize work interruptions and increase actual ‘wrench time.’ COGZ provides the maintenance tools needed to keep your production facility — productive.

The Manager’s Edge

As a management tool, COGZ is perfect. COGZ generates work orders, and makes it simple to schedule employees’ workload and track productivity. COGZ puts every item for every department at your fingertips. It is the comprehensive biography of everything that goes on within your plant. When you want a report on any aspect of your plant’s maintenance — it’s there. COGZ gives you total control.

Equipment History

With COGZ, you can easily track problems and maintenance for each piece of equipment, enabling you to quickly and efficiently diagnose reoccurring problems to minimize downtime.

A Step above the Rest
Speed and Ease of Use


The LIST is a major feature that sets COGZ apart from other systems. With this LIST you can see many records at the same time and sort and search virtually any field in COGZ. Using the buttons located at the bottom of the screen you can Add, Change, Delete, and Copy records. The LIST format remains constant throughout the program.


The SORT feature allows you to sort by any column contained in the list, simply by clicking on the column header. The sort function is available for each list contained in the program.

Customizable Lists

Any list in COGZ can be modified to display information that fits your specific needs. Right click on a list to bring up the Explore menu. Here you can add and remove columns from the list view. Once your list contains the desired information you can print it in report format using the Output function. Several other features are available for changing the list format. Such as sorting by column header filtering text and rearranging and hiding columns.

COGZ EZ Enhancement Modules

When Work Order Module:
Reports for Work Order Load Hours, Work Order Summary, Work Order History Cost. Assign Parts to Corrective Work Orders. Automatically assign parts required to Preventative Maintenance Work Orders.
Detailed and Condensed Work Order Report print formats. Automatically issue parts assigned to a work when the work order is closed.

Purchasing Module:
Increases options for analysis, reporting & viewing history, to enable more detailed and efficient purchasing.

Inventory Module:
Automatically generates purchase orders for items when quantity falls below predetermined level; offers additional reports.

Additional COGZ EZ and COGZ Modules

Remote Work Order Request Module:
Totally automates Work Order Requests across your organization. This module installs on as many computers in your company network as you wish. It allows other people in your company to request repairs or work from the Maintenance Department. When the COGZ user opens COGZ he can accept or reject the requests and then assign work orders. COGZ then notifies the requester of the work status.

Downtime Reporting Module:
Tracks downtime by equipment, category, date and production line; helps you reduce downtime loss by focusing PM where downtime is highest.

Report Writer Module:
Creates customized, password-protected reports using any COGZ information fields.

Multi-Language Module:
Enables you to run COGZ in two languages for bi-lingual work forces. You can customize onscreen text and reports with your own nomenclature.

Property/Department Module:
Manage multiple departments and facilities, and access all databases, from one centralized location.

The PM Workhorse

Maintenance managers in the food and baking industry, who have tried other maintenance management software, have deemed COGZ to be the best. Lauded for its ease of use, superior performance, functionality and versatility, COGZ gets your PM system up and running faster than any other product. COGZ EZ version can be upgraded to the full version with no loss of your original investment. COGZ is also easily enhanced through the addition of special modules, which expand the functionality of specific features.


Every element of your maintenance activities is monitored, analyzed and made available in easy to read, concise reports for efficient communication between various levels of management. Productivity is enhanced through improved scheduling and tracking of jobs, parts and work force.

  • Increase ‘wrench time’ more than 25%
  • Reduce maintenance labor costs by 10-20%
  • Reduce parts cost by 10-15%
  • Reduce downtime through more efficiently scheduled preventative maintenance
  • Actual ROI in 5 to 6 months

Query Wizard

The query wizard easily allows you to create and save queries. You now have customizable access to your data.


You can tag areas you want your employees to have access to.

Backup and Restore

COGZ comes with a built-in backup and restore utility. This feature simplifies the backup process to the press of a button. Backups are created in the industry standard ZIP file format.

PM Wizard

Setting up a maintenance system has never been easier with the preventative maintenance wizard. Effortlessly create preventive maintenance schedules. Helps the novice and expert users create work orders almost automatically.

Equipment Module:
Track and forecast time required for PM tasks; additional reports, including PM Repeats.

Employee Module:
Tracks & reports performance, scheduling and security issues.

Costing Module:
Increased budget/costing functions and reports

E-mail Reports Module:
Instantly email work orders, purchase orders and reports to increase communication speed and reduce paperwork.

ODBC Data Driver:
Used to read COGZ Data. The ODBC Data Driver allows you to use popular productivity tools to connect to the database of your COGZ program. This will allow COGZ to communicate with other programs such as Crystal Reports, Excel or any ODBC software.

CAD Module:
Enables access to CAD drawings along with equipment information in COGZ, providing one centralized location for all important equipment documentation.

Network Module:
Extends the power of COGZ to users throughout your network. Floating/concurrent licensing helps you minimize cost.

Bar Code Software Module:
Enables you to bar code work orders, purchase orders and inventory; increase speed and accuracy of inventory control. System Requirements: COGZ or COGZ-EZ. COGZ¬EZ requires the Inventory Enhancement Module.