Bose Uses PRIMS to ensure Consistency

Bose uses the PRIMS system to assure that the paper it uses in its speaker cones is made to exacting specifications.

Bose manufactures what are considered the highest quality speaker systems. Prior to installing the PRIMS system, they were not getting consistent quality in their production of the speaker cones, which are made from a special paper pulp with a variety of chemical additives.

Bose uses very sophisticated equipment to test its speaker cones after the manufacturing process is complete. Laser sensors, ultrasonic sensors, check weighers, vision systems, and x-ray inspection devices are used in the testing process. If a speaker cone with even the most minute imperfection should make it into a completed speaker, and fail the inspection process, the economic loss is substantial as the cost of manufacturing the finished speaker is high.

Bose ordered the PRIMS system to eliminate the quality problem caused by operator errors made in the production of the paper pulp. The installation of the hand scaling station and the mixing tanks was completed in a few hours. Bose experienced success immediately (zero rejects) and had Focus Works install the PRIMS system throughout the entire speaker cone production area.