US Business News Technology Elite Award - Best Food Manufacturing & Safety Software Company 2018

Focus Works Inc is becoming the leader in food manufacturing and food safety software. As part of our overview of a selection of the winners from this year’s Technology Elite Awards we invited Robert White to tell us more about the secrets behind the success of this innovative and dynamic company.

Drawing on its vast wealth of experience, over the years Focus Works has succeeded in establishing a foothold in the marketplace for food manufacturing and food safety software by becoming the “Corporate Standard” of many Blue-Chip Fortune 500 companies, such as Kellogg’s, Stauffer’s Biscuit (Animal Crackers) and others. Robert explores how far the firm has come over the years and the techniques it employs to ensure its ongoing success.

“Currently, Focus Works has more than 40 single plant customers and over 10 multi-plant customers which have a total of 54 plants. Our clients are concerned with improving their productivity, product quality, and decreasing their losses, also obtaining FDA lot traceability and food safety compliance. They are looking for systems with a quick return-on-investment to improve their bottom line. As such, our opportunity exists where there is a gap in the software presently being offered. The result is that companies requiring food manufacturing and food safety systems cannot obtain a cost-effective system, obtain accurate real-time inventory numbers, obtain a satisfactory return-on-investment and find a user-friendly, scalable system.

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  • Insures Recipe Compliance
  • Records Actual Production Results
  • Provides Real-Time Inventory Control
  • Eliminates Scaling & Mixing Errors
  • Provides HACCP & Food Safety Compliance
  • Provides Exceptional Lot Tracking & Recalls
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  • Eliminate Human Error
  • SQF, ISO & BRC Compliant
  • Paperless Food Safety Solution
  • Data Collection and Record Keeping
  • Stop Food Safety Problems Before they Occur
  • Real-Time Verification
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