About Focus Works

We have become the recognized leader in Production Control & Food Safety software systems for the baking and food industry. Our mission is to produce software solutions that provide a six month or less return on investment for plant automation processes.

Our focus is automation software that is Totally Different from the existing mainstream from the way it is installed and implemented to its ease-to-use. Focus Works can provide total integrated plant solutions, helping bakery and food manufacturing plants reduce their waste and inventory losses and increase their production.

I’m sure you’ve discovered there are quite a few food and bakery software packages on the market, each with myriad of features, some better than the other. Not many connect to the plant floor equipment. If you are looking for a comprehensive solution that does have this ability, your number of providers decreases.

Now, if you are looking in this direction your question is why you would pick Focus Works. The best reason we can give you is that we are not focused on selling hardware as our competitors. We also can supply you with all of your software requirements, as you will see in our portfolio. And these systems all work with each other. Each of our systems is modular and you can start off with just what you need and build upon it. We also bring our expertise in production control, baking and food safety.

So if you are planning for company growth you want a supplier that can also work with your future needs and that would be Focus Works.

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We focus on applying solutions which solve the customer’s problems with a short return-on-investment. We look to eliminate operator errors, inventory losses, and inconsistent quality.

Points Of Difference

Focus Works provides software that you can begin using right “Out-Of-The-Box.” Whereas similar products being offered require many hours of programming, Focus Works’ software only needs minutes to configure.

Our products do NOT require any development tools.

Our solutions demonstrate a very short Return-On-Investment to the customer. Focus Works brings you expertise in food production and food safety issues. Focus Works can provide a complete array of software products that all work together.

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